High Energy "Nutrition"

Warning: This is not for the faint of the heart (literally). Wikipedia says that hospitalization has been occurring from as little as 2 grams of caffeine. The finished beverage contains somewhere around 3-4g (per litre).

Anyway, as I am the de-facto keeper of the minutes of the pirate party, and sometimes choose to type for 12 hours straight, I have been doing some legal drug research, and over the course of many meetings came to the following recipe.

Ingredients (can be bought at a usual supermarket):


The resulting 1400g of beverage contain 13.85 MJ energy from the cream (i.e. mostly due to fat) and 6.19 MJ energy from the dextrose. The average human needs 8 MJ per day, approximately half a litre - which also contains 15 cups of coffee. By the way, the human body needs way more than 500ml of water per day, so keep some extra water within reach. This also allows you to independently control water and energy+caffeine intake.

I tried and rejected the following alternative nutritions for minute taking:

Open questions: