Welcome to my Homepage

Here I'll try to help anybody who (by what ever accident was necessary) found this page, in using Linux and C(++). Feel free to browse whatever files you encounter and mail me whenever you have questions. This page does not use much images mainly because I'm completely unable to design anything with graphics so I stay with text. Additionally this provides you with faster load times, although these don't matter much anymore in times of flatrates.

As a response to recent fancy ideas of our Government, I now support the German Pirate Party trying to stop the increasing surveillance in our country.

VIm Logo This is by far the best text-editor I ever encountered. Once you read all the help files you have thousands of commands just a few keystrokes away.

Valid HTML 4.01! The W3C HTML Validator states that this page is valid HTML 4.01, actually not does not mean a thing because not all browsers are W3C compliant but at least it looks nice, doesn't it?

Valid CSS! Another test of W3C, this time it's a CSS test for this page, which also returned this to be a valid page.

powered by Linux And of course this server runs on Linux the best operating system I got used to since now. BSD is quite nice, too, but I not yet really dug myself into it.

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