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Yeah, great. Today was the last day the bus ticked will be working. But once I figured that out, shops were already all closed. (At least those near enough to consider.) Well it certainly cannot hurt to walk a bit at the morning.


Indeed it did not, especially considering that the weather here has just the right temperature during early hours. I wonder how the Australians managed to have rain only during nights. (Hm, most likely they didn't and I was just lucky, but so far, that's what I observed.) Anyway, the temperatures change across the day very fast, while it's quite cool in the morning, during noon it feels more like summer actually.


Finally got around to buy the headphones I needed to use skype. I even asked around whether IT around here would allow it. Turns out, they actually would not, if it weren't for upper management using it. Hence, usage is allowed but you're advised not to tell IT, in order to avoid stress. They monitor internet traffic anyway, or try to. I cannot really fathom how they hope to moniter the internet usage of a bunch of computer scientists.

Anyway, I bought the headphones somewhere in the city, after randomly walking around until some advertisement mentioned HiFi and CDs. Hence I cannot tell you what shop it was, only that after emerging from said shop I found myself in some kind of underground passage completely filled with small shops. This passage apparently continued through quite a bunch of buildings, some signs on the ceiling actually told "You are now entering this-and-that building". Also one of the buildings was the Victoria Building, having a most unusual architecture for a shopping centre.


Finally got around to find myself a martial arts class. They have Aikido in here, which is quite nice as the BJJV also has Aikido classes and I always wondered what it'd be like. I only watched this time, but will doubtlessly participate next thursday. What quite struck me was the discipline the students showed, not actually enforced, but still much more disciplined than what we have here.

After arriving at the training location, however, I had to wait for a considerably long time. I started walking around a bit and found a park where seemingly the trees still remember that "upward" actually should be "northward". As it was night, the images might not come out as impressive, but you'll get the idea. I hope to return there during day later on, but don't hold your breath.


Yes. After downloading and quickfixing a modelchecker, I was able to have it say that the construction in my thesis will actually work out (at least for the examples I tested). Nonetheless the source code begs the question, why on earth would you:

/* very simple implementation of free */
void free(p)
void *p;
void *x;
return((void*)((((unsigned)(x)) << (sizeof(void *)*4))
| (((unsigned)(x)) >> (sizeof(void *)*4))));
node_ptr cons(x,y) { /* ... */ }
node_ptr car(x) { /* ... */ }
node_ptr cdr(x) { /* ... */ }
int member(x,l) { /* ... */ }
node_ptr map(f,l)
node_ptr (*f)(),l;
{ /* ... */ }
node_ptr reverse(x) { /* ... */ }


Another difference from what I am used to is the wide usage of overhead lines for electricity, except in the center of Sydney.


List (Don't wait for something too interesting in the sound-files, it's either only birds or how it sounds in the center of Sydney.)