anything upto 2008-05-24T02:00:00


Today I spent most of my time in the area around Circular Quai, i.e. near the center of the city. I found a marked in The Rocks, which was however a bit too tourist-oriented for me to buy anything. Later on I crossed the harbour bridge, after finally finding out, where pedestrians can actually enter it. There seems to be a second entrance as well which was however blocked by current construction works.

Also, I visited Hyde Park a bit, and found a notice explaining the reasons why and ways by which the city council was planning to replace the trees in said park. Actually I find such public information a good idea, I wish Braunschweig's politicians would outline their reasoning in a similar way. I think it's especially important that the information was available at the affected place, not just somewhere else. This way even people who might not care so much about politics can some chance to make up their opinion.


Today happened not much, except a short discussion about how long it would take to write an explicit model checker as a certain NICTA project could currently use one. One estimation was about 3 month, actually I feel a bit like giving it a try.


Say what, I wrote a small model checker during the night. Not all features supported yet, and not quite as fast as it could be, but works. I am going to work on it throughout the next week or two.


Today was my first Aikido class. So taking my martial arts wear to Australia finally pays off. The training was really nice, although I must confess that I already forgot what all the nice moves are called in Japanese. Well, as long as I can repeat them, I'm Ok with that. Probably, I'll learn them ultimately.


Ok, the Aikido training was obviously using muscles I didn't exercise much before. Especially in the legs. This will probably go away after a few sessions.


The weather is getting a bit worse, in the sense that I have seen clouds during the day now, actually on multiple days in succession. There was no real rain however, only a few drops once.