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Today I went to Botany Bay, to see how the shore would look there. I didn't dare to travel far, as the weather turned a bit rainy this day, and I do not have so much spare clothing. Botany Bay is pretty near the airport, and most of the time you hear planes start. The beach itself is alright though, at least once you have reached it — you need to cross a highway without any traffic lights.


Hapkido classes again, also I finally got around to ask somebody, Raf in this case, where I could buy loose tea. It seems that I'll need to get to the shopping center at Bondi Junction ultimately. Maybe I can also find some gifts for the people at Germany there.


Aikido today. No problems with overused muscles this time, so training really seems to help. Also there is "Winter Training". I think that'd be nice.


This day Rob and I (and Ulla of course, but she's not around) were working on the MFCS paper quite intensely. Also the NICTA IT people considered it a good day to shut down the internet.


Still working on the paper heavily. Except for the conclusion, it seems finished though.


I took a walk from Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach along the coast. The weather was a bit rainy unfortunately, but the shore is really beautiful. Every now an when one encounters a small beach and between them there's a rocky steep coast. On the way back I got around to Bondi Junction and finally got some black teas. (Sorry ascos, due to import restrictions I only dared to take the two small green teas with me).


Raf and I have started working a bit on compression algorithms, especially ones with small decoders. 256 byte demos with decompression is the stated goal.