anything upto 2008-06-21T04:00:00


Our ICE paper reached its final version and was subsequently sent to the organizers. So only the technical report remains, but that is also pretty much finished.


I worked through the night to get some linux based demo running. Problem is, the ELF header and dymanic linker tables use up ridiculous amounts of bytes on 64 bit systems. Nonetheless, I was able to compress it down to 396 bytes. It's still far from optimal though, I think I'll invest some time in writing a really useful ELF compressor (and header mangler), and probably also a demo-usable AMD64 assembler. I wasn't able to get the gnu assembler to generate the 8 bit immediate operand form for the arithmetic instructions on 64 bit operators, even though they are clearly available in the processor. Just for the fun of it I also produced the same behaviour in source-based format, it's then only 184 bytes. But that trick will not scale.


They call this winter!? Sun is shining and it's damn hot outside. Official temperature is "only" 18 degrees though, but sun is everywhere.