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I did a walk along the north shore of the Bay, from Cremorne Point along the shore towards Taronga Zoo. That's also were most of the photos originated from. The walk was always within vicinity of the city, even though some of the photos are quite jungle like.


This time, Hapkido training contained a free-style, low force fighting part. Very obviously we train with far more force in Germany. It took me quite some time to adapt.


We were invited by one of my colleagues for drinks, because he was returning to Germany. Was pretty nice, some people explained the local football rules to all the foreigners. Also the restaurant offered some kind of lottery, which handily came with betting tickets on which we could "immediately" (we actually used a computer (computer scientists have these ready in bars) as an auxiliary device) compute the winning odds of said lottery. They were surprisingly high, but not high enough to actually go betting.


I am still impressed with what high efficiency the Sydneysiders board busses. In Germany, a bus is full once 70 percent of the seats are used and some people are blocking the corridor near the front door. They do it differently here. First, people do not leave seats free by default, rather first the outer seats are occupied, and later on the inner seats get used. More or less only then do people start filling up the corridor. Also they tend to do it from the back to the front (or the driver reminds them to). The whole process is pretty fast as well. I have seen empty busses getting completely full (really full), while the whole operation was limited by the speed of the ticket validation machines at the front.