anything upto 2008-07-26T06:30:00


Yay, NICTA CEO "Roadshow". The CEO of NICTA was presenting us what NICTA was currently doing, and how NICTA needs to be presented to the outside world. Apparently, NICTA is "an exiciting place to work". The need to tell this to your employees probably needs no further explanation. However, the free nibbles after it were pretty good. Afterwards, I went to Aikido training.


This day was more productive, even though I switched from IO-automata to usual finite state machines within my thesis writedown. The difference is actually pretty small, but I can now use the state of the communication links for buffering data. If anybody wants the IO-automata back, the mapping is easy.


I was given an invitation to a free dianetics lecture at the church of scientology a few weeks ago. I tried to get there today, but since some people were protesting outside, they didn't let me in. Ow... The protesters were pretty funny though.