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Today, I went to Maroubra Beach, which was quite nice, however very similar to Coogee Beach. One thing I noticed, which I never saw in Germany were public barbeques. The weather was pretty sunny and quite a lot of people were running around. Also, I bought a book to read over the next few days, which didn't exactly work out, because I finished it that very night, due to overly great content: "The Bromeliad".


We managed to connect to the level 6 people better in regard to lunch, also a lot of people came back, so NICTA does not feel so empty anymore.


Well, I have gotten into a habit to work on various fun projects later in the evening, until the last bus goes. Hence I am not making random discoveries within Sydney that much anymore. But no worries, there'll soon be the need to gather all kind of souvenirs which will certainly include a lot of random-walking.


Akidio training today ended with us moving all the matts out, because the Leichard Scouts which own the training room celebrate their 100 year aniversary. The room was full of historic photographs and other related stuff when we started training already. I never imagined that these groups were so history-centric, but maybe that is different when there is no anniversary.