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I went to the Museum of Sydney, which explains the history of the colony including a whole lot of information on the early politics, which are. Unfortunately, photographing was not permitted within the museum, hence you won't see any of the nice ship models in the photos. Speaking of which, the ships apparently weren't exactly glorious, they were mostly bought from various merchants. Apparently some of them had to be towed some part of the way.


There is widely cited comment on free software which apparently thinks that cathedrals with neon signs are a bad thing. Apparently people here think differently about that, I have seen at least two churches with neon signs.


Aikido training as usual. I still feel like a total newbee, btw.


As some people insist I need to see some Australian animals, I visited Taronga Zoo today. It is pretty large, and I didn't see all of it on this day, but most of the native Animals they have, including Echidna. Apparently Kangaroos are harmless enough to let them near people, I would not have expected that, actually. There are some areas where the footpath isn't really separated from the animals. And apparently, neither Emus nor Kangaroos enter caves, otherwise some of them would have an easy time escaping from the zoo.

Later that day, while I was waiting for the ferry back home, the view of the city together with the sunset was really beautiful. Unfortunately the camera can't really capture that.