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I went to the New South Wales state library today to fetch some scientology book. Indeed some new ones apparently were included into the library lately. (The stamp indicated April 2008). After having read through "Dianetics - the original Thesis" (I checked carefully that I did not get secondary literature, it was published by "New Era" and get a foreword by some guy within the church of scientology), I am mystified both how these people ever aquire new members for their group and why they are seen as dangerous. The text starts with some obviously wrong assumptions but recovers from that later by mostly not using them, which is actually rather a waste of time. However it got the same style of pictures in it as the jehowa's witnesses' pamphlet I was given during world youth day. I decided I should actually produce a table comparing all the memes I currently know of.


I felt rather very ill today, probably because of the anti-asthma injection on monday. Anyway, if that conjecture is right, it'll be over rather soon.


Yes, went away in a day. However there is a current cold wave going on around NICTA, so yesterday's illness might have been a nice combined effect. Also I tried my first Isabelle proof "for real", i.e. on my thesis, and hey, the first provable thing in the thesis, a two-line remark carried over from our papers, turned out to be, depending on how you see it, either misleading or false. At least the straightforward translation of the remark into Isabelle was obviously false. But I completed the proof of the fixed remark in the evening.


Last day to downtown today, gathering all kinds of gifts and souvenirs for relatives.